- Consulting Packages -

Culture Shift 6 Month Process:

  • Foundational Servant-Leadership Training
  • Identifying the individual and organizational gaps
  • Closing the Gaps and Measuring the Results
  • Setting the Standard
  • Progress Monitoring the Standard
  • Building Relationships and Intentional Connections
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
    • Individual Customized Leadership Development Plan
    • 360 Feedback Process
    • One-on-one coaching
  • Customized Consulting Package
    • Individual or Team Interview
    • Climate and Culture Audit
    • Customized Climate and Culture Improvement Plan

- Training Topics -

    • Servant-Leadership: Setting the foundation for a stronger organization. How do you build influence with those around you? How do you discipline yourself to stay focused on what is most important when life is moving so fast? How do you stay in line with your purpose that drives results along with job and life satisfaction. 
    • Culture Shift: How to improve the climate and culture of your organization. You must set the foundation, create a system for identifying individual and organizational gaps, and then create an accountability system that goes to work on closing those gaps. While never forgetting to put a daily focus on establishing, maintaining, and restoring relationships. 

    • Advanced Team Building: How to take your team to the next level or performance. The Advanced Team Building Sessions include a interview process to identify the needs of your team and then a customized session or day using a combination of experiential activities, team processing and discussion, along with direct instruction on leadership development.