Holiday video clips to teach selflessness

Ahhh...the holidays. For some schools this means wrapping up food drives, winter wishes assemblies, clothing drives and on top of all of the activities you have students who have mixed emotions about the upcoming time off.

Here are five holiday video clips, that have a great holiday message, are engaging, and will leave students and yourself with a positive message and or dialogue about what is most important.

JC Penney Holiday Giving Back Episode (length 3:37) JC Penney asks the question to the customers, “Is it better to give or to receive?” and then gives customers a task to walk around the store and pick one person to pick any one thing in the store that they want and then interviews them afterwards.

Police Give Back with pulling people over for Christmas Gifts (length 3:46) Lowell Michigan police department decided to spread some holiday cheer by pulling people over, but instead of giving them a ticket, they asked them what they were hoping to get themselves or kids for the holidays, meanwhile there are people listening in on the conversation and they buy the gifts, wrap them and deliver to the officer before the traffic stop is over.



Apple's iPhone Christmas Commercial 2013 (length 1:31) A look at how one young man captured the holidays with family. The new Apple commercial from this year is also a great one to show: Open Your Heart To Everyone - “Frankie’s Holiday” by Apple

The Power of a Hug (length 5:16) a touching story of a four year old girl and an 80 year old man and a lasting relationship that forms at the grocery store from a simple hug. Even the most unlikely of characters can teach someone that there is something worth living for again.



WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real-time Giving (length 5:25) this WestJet advertisement is a few years old but is a fun way to end the last day of class with a special holiday gift the airliner gave to some of their travelers


Happy holidays,

John Norlin